I've been best friends with Lakisha for 24 years, and she's been my hair stylist from the day we met.  At the age of 12 my mother started using relaxers in my thick, course hair.  When I was in my teenage years, I hated the condition my hair was in.  It was hard to manage, dry, brittle, and dull.  As time went on, my frustration grew because my hair always seemed to be an issue.  In 1999 Lakisha began to make products for her daughter's hair because it was course like mine and she wanted an alternative method to keep it healthy and chemical free.  She then brought the products into the salon and started using them on my hair, and that's when my healthy, beautiful hair journey began!  From day one, my hair texture improved and changed for the better .  It became soft, shiny, strong, and manageable.  I've been using E'TAE for 12 years now and will continue to do so for the rest of my life.  There's no reason for me to search elsewehere because my hair has always been at its best since I started using the products.  Today, I must say "my hair is stunning"!  It's long in length, has lot's of body, and volume, and most of all, it is healthy from root to tip.  Not only do I use the products on myself, but I also use them on my three children, including my son.  Yes,  the entire family can use the products.  My household is free of hair problems, and yours can be too.  I encourage you to make E'TAE a household brand for you and your family.  We are "chemical free"!


Gloria Ross


 I have just purchased the Carmel treatment, shampoo and conditioner for my daughter's hair. I have been searching for 7 years to find products that would bring her hair under control. She has very tight curly and dry hair. These products with just one use has not only brought her under control but when i blowed dried her hair it was straight, shiny and looked absolutely beautiful. After 6 days her hair is still straight and shiny without having to press her hair, I just simply brush her hair and she can go. I never thought this was possible without putting a relaxer in her hair. Thank you so much for introduction to your products.


 J Pyett


E'TAE was the solution I turned to when when unruly, damaged hair became a problem.  With top notch ingredients and formulations that work together, I have a new head of hair to flaunt and style!


Nakea Murray


I can't get enough of that unique goddess-like feeling after using E'TAE!  My hair is stronger, healthier, silky and has this incredible natural shine. With results like these you can't help but to feel as beautiful as your hair!  I love my chemical free hair!

 Adrianna Ortiz


ETAE products has done wonders for my hair!  Starting out with the same problems as other women, my hair was broken off, dry, coarse and unmanageable from the abuse of chemicals and commercial shampoos.  When I started using ETAE products, I saw an immediate change!  With the consistency of using ETAE products for 7 yrs, I am happy that I no longer have to feel embarrassed about my own hair....I can swing it and bounce it PROUDLY!!  I'm  "chemical free" and loving it! Thanx ETAE!

Nina Robinson