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Gentle cleansing and tear-free shampoo for babies and kids. Delicate enough for sensitive skin and scalp, the kid's bar promotes a clean scalp and healthy hair for infants to 12 years old... Mom’s can use it too!

  • Tear-free, low to medium lather.
  • Cleanses gently and thoroughly.
  • Promotes healthy hair and scalp.
  • Protects the hair's natural oils while cleansing.
  • Can be used on infants.
  • Promotes healthy hair growth.
  • Strengthens and restores lost nutrients.
  • Removes product and oil buildup from the hair and scalp.
  • Wet hair thoroughly and rub shampoo bar into the root area of the scalp. Work up a lather, massage and rinse.
  • If there’s product buildup, let the shampoo sit for 5 mins to dissolve the buildup before rinsing.
  • Wet hair, rub shampoo bar throughout the scalp and hair until lathers, massage the scalp, rinse well and repeat. Next, rinse well and detangle with Carmelux Conditioner.